For Physicians

ROOT OF SKIN is available for purchase through authorized skincare professionals through the U.S. If you are a physician interested in carrying ROOT OF SKIN MD products please complete the form below. Authorized physicians will be granted access to the exclusive ROOT OF SKIN MD online store, with exclusive deals and offers on all ROOT OF SKIN MD products.
ROOT OF SKIN MD has been a game changer for my patients and my practice, the results speak for themselves. I can also trust that each product will be safe and consistent for all patients. I've been dispensing Root of Skin MD since the products launched and have never been happier with a physician dispensed line.
Mary Lupo, M.D.New Orleans
As a physician engaged in the art of reversing the appearance of aging of the skin I will tell you this is the most effective topical product I have ever used to increase the vibrancy and youthfulness of my own skin and that of my patients. The science light years ahead, ROOT OF SKIN™ MD feels delightful, smells great and is simple in its application. ROOT OF SKIN™ MD is the only revitalizing over the counter skin product I recommend to my patients… and I recommend it to all of them.
Michael K. Wensley, M.D. Los Angeles